måndag 20 februari 2012

Making Your Own Labels

it's not just because we are stingy, it looks better too. SFO 004 out soon!

tisdag 14 februari 2012


Signaler Från Ovan proudly presents

Our 6th release will be a kind of a hidden Swedish HC classic.

We are talking about HERRAIDS.

A band that contained members from Raped teenagers and Rövsvett.

These songs were recorded around 1985 and they are ripping!

Reminds me of Deep Wound and the FU´s mixed with scandinavian HC from the same era.

måndag 23 januari 2012

THRÄSHERS 7" FLEXI just went off to the pressing plant

Just sent the Thräshers 7" Flexi to the pressing plant.
Theres been really really many pre-orders from this one, so to make shure that you get a copy please send a note to

Hopefully it will be out in about a month it is all in the hands of the pressingplant now...

tisdag 1 november 2011


We will continue our HARDCORE FLEXI SERIE with 2 releases in a couple of months.

First out we have TRÄSHERS

Thrashers is like a Swedish mix of FU's, aggression and the melodies from Batallion of Saints (Lukinzine)

The 2nd Flexi will be a surprise. And we can not tell more than it is a hidden hardcore classic from the mid 80´s.,

Poor Lifestyle from the North of Sweden will be first out on vinyl on our label.
The first time i heard theme i thought that it was a unreleased Demotape from the Circle Jerks, so there you have their inspiration and what they sound like.